Who We Are - Limestem?

In 2005, Limestem was started as independent ERP support, medical equipment and application support firms and in 2016 it’s registered as Limestem Global Services Private Limited, here we wanted to share our technical expertise and resources to others. Today.

Limestem Global Services Private Limited having 20+ field service technicians throughout the India and ready to work across the globe. Limestem Global Services Private Limited is most experienced (13+) to providing support on ERP systems, independent medical equipment/devices and critical application support service to the world.

Limestem Global Services Private Limited specializes in partnering with manufacturers to meet some or all of their service needs, offering both stand-alone and hybrid service programs that provide targeted, scalable solutions to our clients. Limestem Global Services Private Limited services a wide array of technologies ranging from simple to complex diagnostic systems incorporating robotic, pneumatic, electronic, and hydraulic technologies. Service/Support is our business and it’s our only business.

Limestem mission is to continually strive for perfection and the highest levels of quality in its services, as defined by Limestem’s customers.

Limestem Business Philosophy equipment/application service support is Limestem’s ONLY focus. Limestem does not manufacture or rebuild, nor does Limestem sell used equipment. Limestem is always your service/support partner, never your service competitor and never takes control of your customer.

Limestem was built on the foundation of serving clients, and we have effectively supported our clients for more than 13+ years. Some of the specific reasons for our success are outlined in the following Limestem partnership characteristics:

  • Strategy – Limestem works with our clients however/wherever asked, making us a key part of each partner’s service delivery strategy.
  • Flexibility – Whether by geographic coverage area, modality, model, service activity, or some combination thereof, Limestem is flexible and fits within our clients’ existing service processes.
  • Scalable – We do not require contract minimums; Limestem always fits the scale and scope of each client’s need.
  • Dependability – time-tested and reliable, our clients and their end users depend on Limestem every day.
  • Professionalism – service is Limestem's only business and our purpose is to provide our clients professional, dependable service everywhere.
  • Engaged – Limestem's entire focus is our clients; demonstrated through our engaged customer relationships and detailed attention to each client’s needs.
  • Responsiveness/Ease of Use – Limestem's clients tell us we are the easiest partner they work with, in fact, no other company even comes close to our responsiveness.
  • Integrity – Limestem's word is its bond, and when Limestem makes a mistake, we take responsibility for that mistake and fix it. Our organization embodies the service and integrity of a local, small business while being supported by the resources of a national company.

Limestem goal is to be the key outsourcing partner in each client’s service delivery model. Once a new client uses Limestem they learn what our current clientele already knows: Limestem is a responsive, dedicated partner, and Limestem provides dependable service everywhere.

Our Team

A Successful Client - Limestem Partnership

Limestem looks to establish a long term partnership with each client, and wants each client to be successful because Limestem believes in the concept of mutual cooperation equaling mutual benefit. Experience has taught Limestem that when we completely commit our resources to meeting each clients’ specific needs and help them grow their business, the resulting client success has in turn grown Limestem. Our commitment to serving you and your customers is the foundation of each relationship and is demonstrated through a specific service model for each client with customizable touch points throughout the service delivery process.

Limestem has learned that a successful service partnership is not built quickly - rather it is a process of listening to our clients and meeting their needs - one service event at a time.

To provide each client the following benefits:

Greater geographic coverage, dependable local service, and an improved local image

No fixed outlays for salaries, benefits, workers, and/or unemployment compensation

The cost of regional, district and area managers is reduced and/or eliminated

No capital expenditures for standard tooling, test equipment, and vehicles           

Consistently high service quality

Dependable Service Everywhere is the foundation for successful Client – Limestem Partnership

These exceptional small businesses typically share the following qualities:

  • Have been in business in its area for over 13 years.
  • Have 13 years’ experience in the maintenance and repair of a wide array of healthcare application, medical and laboratory equipment.
  • Employs 4 full-time technicians who average over 8 years field service experience each.
  • Responds by phone in 2 hours or less, and on-site in 24 hours or less 24/7/365.
  • Supports a service radius of 200 kms (or more) depending on need.
  • Have a verified local reputation for financial stability, integrity, quality of work, and technical expertise.
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to continued training and education.

Limestem’s primary business is service, which is performed in the field by Limestem affiliate technicians.

A typical Limestem affiliate Technician will

  • Act professionally and arrive on-site with the knowledge, training, skill set, and tools/test equipment to service your end user.
  • Minimum two year degree in biomedical electronics or equivalent; many technicians have a four year biomedical engineering degree or equivalent.
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills due to training received from more than 10 different medical and laboratory equipment/applications manufacturers.
  • Annually receives 2-4 weeks of ongoing technical training through scheduled Limestem client training and the Limestem academy (Limestem’s exclusive annual 2-3 week technician training event).
  • Receives customer service training that keeps Limestem technicians skilled at answering tough customer questions.

Dependable Service Everywhere – provided through experienced, well trained local technicians who enhance Limestem clients’ standing with end users.

The Limestem Service Process

Limestem established flexible service processes that could be individualized to each client’s specific service requirements. Today, Limestem service is a continual work in process, always being measured, refined and improved to meet changing service and technology needs. Each client’s support model is specific to that client’s needs and there are customizable touch points within each client’s service delivery process. Some examples are:

  • Client-specific paperwork that is customized to your requirements.
  • Client-specific dispatch and scheduling procedures that are customized to your equipment and end user needs.
  • Client-specific service call management that is customized to meet contractually agreed upon criteria.
  • Customized software that is designed to track your service incidents from initial contact to service call completion.

Dependable Service Everywhere – delivered through customized, client-specific support processes.

Technical Support and Training

Limestem specializes in supporting medical and laboratory equipment manufacturers and distributors. Limestem supports end users with a professional technical support solution at a fraction of the cost it would take our clients to provide this function themselves. Specific services are as follows:

TRIAGE Limestem answers the phone from end users in a professional, courteous manner - an answering service is never used - and only direct Limestem employees answer the phone. Limestem quickly and effectively assists your customer in solving the problem/question facing them and will follow your company’s phone script or develop its own. If the issue cannot be resolved over the phone, Limestem dispatches the nearest trained service technician and then manages each service event within client-established protocols.

SERVICE ENGINEER SUPPORT Limestem knows how to help field service personnel troubleshoot and repair complex medical and laboratory equipment. Trained by the best in your company, Limestem takes that technical information and develops troubleshooting strategies for more common failures. Service engineers are supported until the equipment is restored to a fully operational condition as confirmed by the end user.

TECHNICAL TRAINING Limestem provides expanded capacity for its clients' training operations. The Training Center provides a means to train classes throughout the life of a product or a specific project. Based on need, it can be the primary or additional resource to train service engineers expertly and efficiently, and work within multiple service training strategies to achieve the most effective outcome.

Limestem partnership benefits –

  • Increased Geographical Coverage resulting in reduced travel costs and improved on-site response time.
  • Increased Reliability with a service recall rate of less than 1% resulting in higher customer satisfaction.
  • Increased Service Flexibility from Limestem’s hybrid programs provides you more options to deliver quality cost effective, service to your customers.
  • Increased Service Process Efficiency resulting in reduced start-up costs and quicker implementation.
  • Increased Cost Savings through reduced or eliminated management, personnel, technology, tooling, and infrastructure cost.
  • Increased Profit to the Bottom Line through a flexible workforce that lowers headcount and provides 100% productivity.

Dependable Service Everywhere from Limestem increases your support options.